Rabu, 26 September 2012

A Unique Mind

On english subject, we were asked by Mr. Fabian to works in a group and make a list of people with unique cognitive skills or other talents that include key biographical details. We also doing a power power point presentation. I was paired with Ruth.

This is the picture of me and Ruth explaining our presentation on "A Unique Mind". 

So, in this presentation, we choose  Josh Hutcherson as our subject because luckily we do like him very much ! We think He also very unique and talented. He started acting since he was five years old. He also down to earth and not arrogant.

For me, this activity was really interesting, I become more confident when I presented about my favorite actor. I also got a good score in this subject :)

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  1. You showed enthusiasm in the preparatory work as well as in the presentation.


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