Sabtu, 18 Februari 2012

Did You Just Said SPORTS DAY ?!?

On Friday, We had a SPORTS DAY activity !

The team was divided by three groups, Yellow, Green and RED !
We wear the same cloths as our Team name, if you're green, you wear green cloths, like that. So, here's some picture that I take from Jayanti's facebook;

                                                                   Photo By: Jayanti Ramadhany
                                        Here's the Red Team; Gloria(left), Ruth (center) and me (right)

                                                                                         Photo By: Jayanti Ramadhany
                          Here's the Yellow Team; Fellingga (left) and Jayanti (right)

                                                                                            Photo By: Jayanti Ramadhany
                         And the last one, Green Team; it's Marfien Explaining a strategy for Relay Race.

Okay, That's all For Sport Day. Hope Red Team won this Competition ! Red Team ! GOO !!!

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